The entire world faces unprecedented environmental challenges from population growth, habitat degradation, extinctions, climate change, pollution, and resource depletion. Join us in trying to win this fight.

In our teaching and our research, the Department of Environmental Science and Policy plays a unique role in bringing together the natural sciences and social sciences, the two essential components of sustainable solutions to these challenges.

Old-growth lichens attach themselves to a tree branch at the Quail Ridge Reserve. A UC Davis study highlights the value of old-growth chaparral systems to local biodiversity. (Jesse Miller)
Safford Lab's Jesse Miller co-leads most comprehensive lichen recolonization study
Vaccine injection in arm
Vaccinating Seniors, Essential Workers First Offers Greatest Public Health Benefit
UC Davis Professor Edwin Grosholz holds a trap of invasive European green crabs at Seadrift Lagoon near Stinson Beach in California. (Courtesy Edwin Grosholz/UC Davis)
Ted Grosholz overcomes setbacks in efforts to eradicate invasive species