Climate Science & Policy Minor

We offer the Climate Science & Policy minor to provide students from across campus with basic background in climate change science as well as mitigation and adaptation strategies. Students will gain understanding of scientific, social, institutional, and economic dimensions of climate change, as well as background on the sustainability discourse, and will be able to articulate linkages between climate change and their primary field of study.

Minor Requirements

Courses   Prerequisites Quarters Units
ATM 116 Modern Climate Change None I 3
ESP 165 Climate Policy ESP 1 or ECN 1A or consent of instructor I 3
Select One
DES 127A Sustainable Design DES 1 II 4
LDA 3 Sustainable Development None III 4
Select One
ATM 5 Global Climate Change None I 3
SAS 25 or 25V Global Climate Change None II 3
Select 11 Units From
AMS 150 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Environmental Justice None I 4
ATM 128 Radiation and Satellite Meteorology ATM 60; PHY 9B; MAT 22B; MAT 21D II 4
ATM 133 Biometeorology MAT 16B; one course in a biological discipline II 4
ATM 160** Intro to Atmospheric Chemistry CHE 2B II 4
CRD 158 Community Governance CRD 1 or SOC 1 or POL 1 Varies 4
ECI 123 Urban Systems & Sustainability Upper division standing III 4
ECI 149 Air Pollution MAT 21D, MAT 22B, CHE 2B; ATM 121A or ENG 103 I 4
ENL 184 Literature and the Environment UWP 1 or ENL 3 varies 4
ESM 131 Air as a Resource CHE 10 or 2A; CHE 2B II 3
ESP/ECI 163** Energy & Env Aspects of Transportation ECN 1A or ENG 106 I 4
ESP 171 Urban and Regional Planning ESP 1 recommended III, IV 4
GEL 108 Paleoclimates GEL 1 or GEL 50 or GEL/ESP 116N; CHE 2A III 3
PMI 129Y One Health Fundamentals None I 3
WFC 168 Climate Change Ecology BIS 2B; ESP 100 or EVE 101 II 4

I = fall quarter, II = winter quarter, III = spring quarter, IV = summer session
*Course is offered in odd years only (2023, 2025, etc.)
**Course is offered in even years only (2022, 2024, etc.)