UC Davis offers access to Zoom Pro accounts for all currently affiliated faculty, staff, and students.

The UC Davis Zoom Portal can be accessed below.

UC Davis Zoom


The Department of Environmental Science & Policy has several meeting rooms available for department reservations.

For reservations, please contact Jennifer Carriere to schedule.

  • Wickson 1017
  • Wickson 2120
  • Wickson 2120B
  • Wickson 2124
  • Wickson 2133

DTEN Zoom Rooms


  • DTEN Zoom Rooms consist of two large touchscreens configured as part of an all-in-one Zoom Room with the following features:
  • Powerful built-in microphones, cameras, and speakers able to cover the entire room
  • Ability to hold both in-person and hybrid meetings via the familiar Zoom interface
  • Sharing of presentations or other documents with markup
  • Digital whiteboard that can be saved and shared
  • Live on-screen annotation of presentations and shared content


Training Videos
Training Documents


The ESP IT team will provide support for CA&ES DTEN Zoom Room systems in the following locations*:

  • 2120B Wickson Hall
  • 2124 Wickson Hall
  • 1017 Wickson Hall*
  • 2120J Wickson Hall*

The DTEN Zoom Rooms listed above were part of a collaborative project funded and coordinated by CA&ES.  Your first point of contact for tech support in these rooms will be your local departmental IT team.   For support with the DTEN Zoom Room systems listed above please call 530-754-1689 or 530-304-3472 or email  

*These rooms are in progress of upgrading to DTEN Rooms, expected for Winter 2023

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