Graduate Programs

While the Department of Environmental Science & Policy is associated with several graduate groups, it is home to the Graduate Group of Ecology.

The UC Davis Graduate Group in Ecology (GGE) is the largest and most comprehensive ecology graduate training group of its kind. Offering unparalleled diversity and depth in course work and research opportunities, the group is recognized as a center for academic and training excellence. Offering both Master's and Ph.D. degrees, the Graduate Group is organized into nine areas of emphasis that include both basic and applied ecology. Students gain advanced knowledge in one of the following areas: agricultural ecology; conservation ecology; ecological genomics and genetics; ecosystems and landscape ecology; ecotoxicology and physiological ecology; environmental policy & human ecology; integrative ecology; marine ecology; or restoration ecology. Students graduate with the qualitative and quantitative skills necessary for professional research and teaching in ecological theory and its applications.

The department is also highly affiliated with the Master of Science in Environmental Policy and Management (EPM) graduate program offers students comprehensive training in the practical application of environmental science to real-world policy and management challenges. Designed for individuals with diverse interdisciplinary backgrounds, this master's program is geared toward nurturing advanced careers in environmental policy and management. Our primary emphasis is on equipping students with robust quantitative skills tailored to practice-oriented roles within the environmental policy and management sector. As graduates of this program, students will possess the expertise to seamlessly blend technical and scientific knowledge within the complex framework of social, political, and natural contexts, enabling them to deliver effective solutions for environmental policy and management. The EPM master's program is also closely affiliated with the Institute of the Environment, further enhancing its academic and research resources.