Our Minors

Welcome to the Department of Environmental Science & Policy. If the prospect of solving environmental problems inspires you, this is the place for you! We have two minors, Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning (EPAP) and Climate Science & Policy (CSAP).

The EPAP minor provides students with a interdisciplinary background in policy analysis, including the evaluation of policy alternatives and the study of factors affecting policy formulation and implementation. Key components of this minor include a general background in the natural sciences relevant to environmental policy, mathematics, statistics, and research methodology to quantitatively analyze environmental problems and policy options. Students may select training in areas of growing demand, particularly in the green job market, such as environmental impact assessment. We also offer a major in Environmental Policy Analysis & Planning.

The CSAP minor provides students from across campus a basic background in climate change science as well as mitigation and adaptation strategies. Students will gain understanding of scientific, social, institutional, and economic dimensions of climate change, as well as background on the sustainability discourse, and will be able to articulate linkages between climate change and their primary field of study.