Steven Sadro

Steven Sadro portrait

Position Title
Assistant Professor

3134 Wickson Hall

Limnological research in the Sadro lab broadly seeks to understand how biological, physical, and chemical factors interact to regulate aquatic ecosystems. Ongoing research themes include ecosystem energetics (carbon and nutrient flows), terrestrial – aquatic linkages, long-term watershed studies, and landscape limnological analyses. We use observational, comparative, and experimental approaches to understand ecological processes in habitats ranging from coastal streams and estuaries to arctic and alpine lakes. Much of our research is conducted in the Sierra Nevada mountains, where steep landscape gradients provide a natural laboratory to test ecological questions. Our research seeks solutions to environmental problems and contributes to the conservation of aquatic ecosystems.

Research Interests & Expertise
  • Aquatic and Wetland Ecology
  • Conservation Ecology
  • Ecology
  • Ecosystem Ecology
  • GIS
  • Global Change
  • Population and Community Ecology