Alicia Hans pictured on the left and Caden Williams pictured on the right

Environmental Science Management students receive prestigious awards

Three students in the Environmental Science and Management program have been awarded and recognized for their academic achievements in research.  Aaron Guerra has been selected as the only UC Davis student to be part of the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdeinst (DAAD) Rise Germany Program.   Aaron's research is dedicated to inform water policy and aspires to become a professor.  Caden Williams has been awarded the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and is the only UC Davis student to be awarded this scholarship out of ten recipients and also the only UC Davis student to receive this award in the last six years.  Caden founded the Geology Club at UC Davis and aspires to be an astrobiologist researching the origins of life on Earth.  Alicia Hans, a graduating senior, has been named a recipient of the Dean's Circle Award.  Alicia has worked as a research assistant in the Soil Biodiversity and Health Lab and plans to join the U.S. Forest Service as a soil scientist. 

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