City & Regional Planning

City & Regional Planning

Are you interested in urban and rural land-use planning and how land-use patterns impact public health, environmental justice, and conservation? Are you interested in developing skills and knowledge to help design sustainable cities and towns in the 21st century? If you are, then the city and regional planning track is for you. The track includes courses in urban planning and public lands management, transportation planning and community development.

Preparatory Subject Matter Requirements

Course IDs Course Title Quarters Offered Units Notes
Written and Oral Expression
UWP 101, 102A-G, 104A-E Upper Division Writing I, II, III, IV 4 May test out of requirement
CMN 1, 3, or DRA 10 Public Speaking I, II, III, IV 4  
Biological/Physical Science (complete all)
BIS 2A or BIS 10 or 10V Essentials of Life on Earth or General Biology I, II, III, IV 4-5  
CHE 2A or 10 General Chemistry or Concepts of Chemistry I, II, IV 4-5 CHE 10 offered in Fall only
PHY 1A Principles of Physics I, II, IV 3  
Biological/Physical Science (select one)
BIS 2B Principles of Ecology & Evolution I, II, III, IV 5  
CHE 2B General Chemistry II, III, IV 5  
PHY 1B Principles of Physics II, III 3  
Computer Science (select one)
PLS 21 Applications of Computers in Technology I, II, III 3  
SAS 18 GIS and Society   3 No longer offered
ECN 1A Principles of Microeconomics I, II, III, IV 4 Need C- or better
ECN 1B Principles of Macroeconomics I, II, III, IV 4 Need C- or better
Environmental Science (select one)
ANS 1 Domestic Animals and People I 4  
ATM 60 Introduction to Atmospheric Science I 4  
GEL 1 The Earth I, II, III 4  
PLS 12 Plants and Society I, II, III 4  
WFC 51 Introduction to Conservation Biology III 3  
Environmental Studies
ESP 1 Environmental Analysis I 4  
MAT 16A, 17A, or 21A Calculus I, II, III, IV 3-4 Need C- or better
MAT 16B, 17B, or 21B Calculus I, II, III, IV 3-4 Need C- or better
Political Science
POL 1 American National Government Varies 4 POL 1 is generally offered twice a year
Statistics (select one)
STA 13 Elementary Statistics I, II, III, IV 4  
STA 32 Statistical Analysis through Computers II, III 3  

I = fall quarter, II = winter quarter, III = spring quarter, IV = summer session
*Course is offered in odd years only (2015, 2017, etc.)
**Course is offered in even years only (2016, 2018, etc.)

Depth Subject Matter Requirements

NOTE: Students graduating with this major are required to attain at least a C average (2.0 GPA) in all courses taken at the university in Depth Subject Matter and pass all coursework. See requirements of the College of Agriculture & Environmental Science in the UC Davis General Catalog.
Course IDs Course Title Prerequisites Quarters Offered Units
Evaluation and Analysis
ESP 110 Principles of Environmental Science PHY 1A or 7A; MAT 16B or 17B or 21B; BIS 2A or 10 recommended II 4
ESP 160 The Policy Process POL 1; ECN 1A and STA 13 recommended III 4
ESP 168A Methods of Environmental Policy Evaluation ESP 1 or 10; STA 13 or 100; ECN 1A; ECN 100A recommended I 5
ESP 168B Methods of Environmental Policy Analysis ESP 168A III 4
Environmental Law
ESP 161 Environmental Law Upper division standing and one course in env science; POL 1 and UWP 1 recommended I, III 4
Environmental Impact Assessment
ESP 179 Environmental Impact Assessment ESP 1 or the equivalent II, IV 4
Research Design
ESP 178 Applied Research Methods ARE 106 or SOC 106 or STA 100 or 103 or 108 or equivalent II 4
Select one Quantitative Methods Course
ARE 106 Quantitative Methods in Agricultural Econ ARE 100A; STA 103 I, II, III, IV 4
SOC 106 Intermediate Social Statistics SOC 45B or consent of instructor I, II 5
STA 100 Applied Statistics for Biological Sciences MAT 16B or 17B or 21B I, II, III, IV 4
STA 103 Applied Statistics for Business & Economics STA 13 or 32 or 100; MAT 16B or 17B or 21B I, II, III, IV 4
STA 108 Applied Stat Methods: Regression Analysis “STA 13 or 32 or 100 I, II, III, IV 4
Select one Microeconomics Course
ARE 100A Intermediate Microeconomics ECN 1A and 1B; MAT 16C or 17B or 21B; All with C- or better I, II, III, IV 4
ECN 100 Intermediate Micro Theory ECN 1A-B; MAT 16A-B or MAT 17A-B or MAT 21A-B; All with C- or better I, II, III, IV 4
Select one resource economics course
ARE/ESP 175 Natural Resource Economics ARE 100B, ECN 100, or the equivalent III 4
ARE 176 Environmental Economics ARE 100B or ECN 100 II 4
ECN 125 Energy Economics ECN 100 or ARE 100A and 100B or consent of instructor Varies 4
Geospatial Information Systems (GIS)
ABT/LDA 150 Introduction to GIS None I, III 4
Strongly recommended but not required: Select one advanced GIS or remote sensing course
ABT 181N* Concepts & Methods in GIS LDA 150 or consent of instructor II 4
ABT/HYD 182** Environmental Analysis with GIS LDA 150 or equiv GIS exp, bio and/or ecology courses rec. II 4
ESM 186 Environmental Remote Sensing MAT 16B; PHY 7C or 9B; LDA 150 recommended II 5
ESM 185 Aerial Photo Interpretation & Rmt Sensing Upper division standing I 4


I = fall quarter, II = winter quarter, III = spring quarter, IV = summer session

Required Courses

Note: The same course cannot be used to meet both a depth requirement and a track requirement at the same time.
Course IDs Course Title Prerequisites Quarters Units
ESP 171 Urban & Regional Planning ESP 1 recommended III 4
ESP 172 Public Lands Management ECN 1A recommended I 4
Select one transportation planning course
ECI 162 Transportation Land Use Sustainable Design ECI 148A or 161 or 163   4
ECI 165* Transportation Policy None I 3
ESP/ECI 163** Energy & Env Aspects of Transportation ECN 1A or ENG 106 I 4
Select one urban politics and community development course
AHI 168 Great Cities None Varies 4
CRD 149* Community Development Perspectives on Environmental Justice None III 4
CRD 152 Community Development CRD 1 or 151 or SOC 2 or ANT 2 or ASA 100 or CHI 132 or AAS 101 I 4
CRD 156 Community Economic Development CRD 152 or PLS 21 or ECS 15 and consent of instructor II 5
CRD 171 Housing and Social Policy None III 4
ESP 173 Land Use & Growth Controls Sustainable Cities of Northern Europe Summer Abroad Course IV 4
ETX 110 Toxic Tragedies & Their Impact on Society BIS 10 or equivalent or consent of instructor; CHE 118A recommended II 2
POL 100† Local Government and Politics POL 1 recommended Varies 4

†Course is offered irregularly, check with department for information about availability
I = fall quarter, II = winter quarter, III = spring quarter, IV = summer session
*Course is offered in odd years only (2015, 2017, etc.)
**Course is offered in even years only (2016, 2018, etc.)