UC Davis Bodega Marine Lab research documented in a short film

Pacific Ocean with Sea of Troubles title

The UC Davis Bodega Bay Marie Laboratory was featured in the January-March 2016 issue of Bay Nature magazine and captured in Sea of Troubles, a short film shot by award- winning independent filmmaker Jason Jaacks.

John L. Largier, professor of coastal oceanography for the department of Environmental Science and Policy at UC Davis, led the Bodega Marine Lab into the San Francisco Bay to conduct research on the current state and behavior of the Pacific Ocean.

The expedition by a team from UC Davis’ Bodega Bay Marine Laboratory was to be some of the last physical labor of more than two years and more than a quarter of a million dollars’ worth of science—all of it being conducted, nervously, during some of the strangest conditions ever recorded in the Pacific Ocean.

For the last two years the Pacific Ocean has been in a state that no one has ever seen it in before. It is behaving very weirdly, with large numbers of whales feeding right off the Golden Gate and algal blooms spreading, and people like Largier wondering how far that weirdness might go. Might it go all the way into the Bay?


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