Ted Grosholz, Co-author of a Nature Communications Journal, featured in BBC News

Invasion Threat Map

Environmental Science & Policy's Professor, CE Specialist, Ted Grosholz , is a co- author of a Nature Communications journal which was mentioned in a  BBC news article and elaborates on global threats from invasive alien species in the twenty- first century.

Most nations lack ability to deal with invasive species

Most countries in the world have little capacity to deal effectively with invasive species, a study suggests. The spread of non-native species threatens livelihoods and biodiversity, but the issue is worsened by global trade, travel and climate change.

Writing in Nature Communications journal, and international team forecast how the spread of species could change over the 21st Century. They show that one-sixth of the world's land surface is vulnerable to invasion.

In what the authors say is the first evaluation of its kind, the paper assesses individual nations' abilities to manage existing invasive species and respond to new ones.


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Most nations lack ability to deal with invasive species

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