Distinguished Professor Daniel Sperling is recognized by the Academic Senate and Academic Federation for his public service

Professor Daniel Sperling has received the Distinguished Scholarly Public Service Award from the UC Davis Academic Senate and Federation.  Professor Sperling has played a continuing role in designing California’s vehicle electrification policies and was co-designer of California’s low-carbon fuels standard, which has been replicated in two states and Canada and is now under serious review by the US Congress. He served twice as lead author for the IPCC (sharing the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize), testified 8 times to the US Congress, authored or co-authored 13 books, given over 900 public presentations, and interviewed many times by leading newspapers, NPR radio, including Science Friday, Talk of the Nation, Marketplace, and Fresh Air, and in 2009 was featured on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He adds, “I have committed much of my career to bringing science to policy, so this award is especially meaningful to me.”


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