Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning Minor

We offer the Environmental Policy Analysis & Planning minor, which gives students a great background in environmental policy and politics, land use planning, environmental analysis, policy evaluation, and public lands management. This minor dovetails nicely with majors such as political science, economics, green engineering, and even environmental education. It is a great choice for students who want to gain a greater understanding of environmental policy.

Minor Requirements

Course IDs Course Title Prerequisites Quarters Units
Recommended Preparation
ECN 1A Principles of Microeconomics None I, II, III, IV 4
Intro POL course POL 1, POL 3, or other basic POL course None I, II, III, IV 4
ESP 1 Environmental Analysis UWP 1 or ENL 3 or equivalent, sophomore standing I 4
ESP 160 The Policy Process POL 1; ECN 1A; intermediate statistics III 4
ESP 161 Environmental Law Upper division standing and one course in env science; POL 1 and UWP 1 recommended III 4
ESP 168A Methods of Environmental Policy Evaluation STA 13; ECN 100 or ARE 100A; MAT 16B or 21B; ESP 1 I 5
Select Two
ESP/ECI 163** Energy & Env Aspects of Transportation ECN 1A I 4
ESP 165N Climate Policy ECN 1A, ESP 1, or consent of instructor III 3
ESP 166N** Ocean & Coastal Policy ESP 1 or consent of instructor II 3
ESP 167** Energy Policy ECN 1A, MAT 16B, or consent of instructor III 4
ESP 168B Methods of Environmental Policy Analysis ESP 168A III 4
ESP 169** Water Policy & Politics ECN 1A or POL 1 III 3
ESP 171 Urban and Regional Planning ESP 1; one course each in social science and env science III 4
ESP 172 Public Lands Management ECN 1A I 4
ESP 179 Environmental Impact Assessment Upper division standing and one course in env science II, IV 4

I = fall quarter, II = winter quarter, III = spring quarter, IV = summer session
*Course is offered in odd years only (2015, 2017, etc.)
**Course is offered in even years only (2016, 2018, etc.)